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Shipping instructions:


For organizations located outside greater Chicagoland, shipping large to medium orders or any order couldn't be any easier or more affordable by following these simple steps:


If you are located in the following States, (IL, WI, MO, IA, MN, ND, SD, NE) and do not have a freight company you are presently using, we recommend using Spee-Dee Delivery Services (


If you are located outside those states mentioned, and need assistance finding a freight company, please contact us.


Please Note: These shipping instructions are mostly recommended when shipping medium to large football or baseball orders.

For smaller orders in any sport, such as hockey, lacrosse, baseball or football, UPS, Fedex or US Mail will usually work fine.


Step 1:  Order boxes from ULine


Recommended box size is: 48" by 40" by 36". This will hold a good amount of equipment. Box cost is $15.80 each, plus Uline shipping cost to you. Example: For orders of around 300 football helmets and 300 shoulder pads, on average you will need about 10 boxes. For Baseball equipment of approximately 10 teams of equipment in each box. We can help to determine the number of boxes you will need! Upon completion of your order, your equipment will be packed in the same boxes and returned to you for your future use.


Uline Phone: 800-295-5510


Uline item # S-4480


Link to Uline web site:


 Step 2:  Pack your equipment


For baseball/softball equipment, please take all the equipment out of its team bag.  Only ship the items you wish to service.  Bags should also be shipped for cleaning and sanitizing.  We recommend that you put reconditioned equipment back into cleaned bags to be handed out.


Ship to:
Great Saves
3N635 Kenwood Ave.
West Chicago, IL, 60185


 Step 3: Use Speedee Freight Company


The Speedee Freight Company will pick up your boxes. The cost per box depends on zip code. A Uline box size of 48" by 40" by 36" will cost around $72 for the 1st box and $15 for each box after that! This is for boxes filled with equipment that weigh 150 lbs. or less. We do recommend adding insurance on your equipment. This will cost 60 cents per hundred, and you get the 1st hundred free.


Phone:  800-862-5578


Speedee services the following states:   IL, WI, MO, IA, MN, ND, SD, NE.


Link to Speedee website:      


If your league is not in one of these states, please contact us and we can help you with your shipping procedure. 


Great Saves can also pick up your order depending on the distance and the size of your order.  For future information on this or any other questions regarding pick up, delivery or shipping, please contact us at  630-206-8366 or email us at

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