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Professional Hockey Equipment

Repair & Customization



Hockey Equipment Repair


What We Do

For organizations including professional, college, junior, high school, and youth leagues, Great Saves offers very attractive programs to service your equipment!


Our programs includes an inventory count, a professional inspection, cleaning & sanitizing, and of course the repairs! You will receive a detailed report after we perform our inspection. The report will be sent back

to you for approval. We can work within your current budget and only do what repairs are needed.


General repairs will cover such tasks as replacing missing or broken straps, velcro and buckles, plus some repairs on torn padding or broken seams. Hockey gloves will include patching palms and re-palming. Helmets will also be cleaned and sanitized, machine waxed and buffed, with screw replacement. If any item is not worth fixing, we won' t fix it! If the equipment needs more extensive repairs, this will also be added to your report. 


Our cleaning and sanitizing process entails heat steaming the equipment at a temperature of 220 degrees. We use a sports specific disinfectant cleaner that combined with the heat steaming, kill's fungus, bacteria, and germs.


In addition to this league-wide service, Great Saves also does a multitude of custom work for 

goaltenders! For future information on our goalie equipment services, please visit our goalie section!


For additional information on our organization discount programs, please contact us and we will send you a specific program to fit your individual organization's needs!

Professionally repair your hockey gloves at $35 a pair!

Have Great Saves professionally recondition your hockey gloves for $35 a pair.  This service includes professionally patching the palms plus cleaning & sanitizing!  We use a strong and plyable dur-a-soft material that is custom measured and sewn to most any damaged area.  

Re-palming also available!!!

Goalie Equipment Repair & Customizing

Hockey Glove Patch Palm Before & After

Patching palms - Sanitizing Before & After!

unnamed (12).jpg
LK Forest College Hockey

Lake Forest College Hockey


Hockey shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, pants & helmets reconditioned too!


Please contact for league and school prices.

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AAU is a supporter of Great Saves hockey equipment Repair service!

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Great Saves is located at 3N635 Kenwood Ave. West Chicago, IL, 60185

(630) 206-8366


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