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The Skate Lace Bite Eliminators offers 3 important benefits: 

• Gives you the important flexibility and range of motion that you need for your knee and ankle to bend, resulting in a longer, more efficient stride. 

• Allows you to skate with your chest upright with increasingly better posture. 

• Prevents and/or eliminates any lace bite issues. 

• For those of you that don't know, lace bite is inflammation most frequently found running through the front part of the lower shin and can lead down to your toes. It is a never ending battle for most hockey players to treat this condition because the tighter the skates, the more likely it will lead to lace bite. Most lace bite preventive products mask the issue with certain pads or foams to give you extra cushion. Our product attacks the root of the problem and alleviates tremendous amounts of pressure on the front of the shin, while still giving you the lateral support you need for ankles. 

• Great Saves Lace Bite Eliminators makes it so you can tie your skates just as tight as you want and not have to worry about lace bite again! 

About our product: 

• Made of heavy duty leather 

• Sewn on layer of Techno-Flex material, adding additional strength

• Attaches quickly to your skates with a four screw and post system


• Provides excellent results to professional hockey players 

• Manufactured in Black only.  

• For team or volume orders, additional colors may be  offered upon request. 

• One size fits all from size 7 and up.

Manufactured here in the USA by Great Saves.



Skate Lace Bite Eliminators

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