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What We Do

Great Saves offers expert repair and custom alterations on baseball & softball equipment!  Below you will find some of the services we offer.  Prices will vary depended on what is needed or wanted.  Please note, that if you don’t see a service listed, that dose not mean we do not offer that service.  If you have something else in mind, please contact use with any questions you may have. 

Customizing your equipment:  If you have a piece of equipment that just doesn't feel right. Either you are getting hit in areas you need additional padding, or you have to adjust something because it causes discomfort. There isn't many jobs we can’t do, it just need to make sense cost wise to do it!  

Cleaning & sanitizing your equipment: Our cleaning & sanitizing process entails heat steaming the equipment at a temperature of 220 degrees. We use a sports specific disinfectant cleaner that combined with the heat steaming, kill's fungus, bacteria, and germs.

Clean & Sanitize Baseball Helmet:   $10.95

Clean & Sanitize Catcher Face Mask:  $18.95

Clean & Sanitize Shin Guards:  $10.95

Clean & Sanitize Chest Protector  $10.95

Baseball Glove & Catcher Glove re-laced & Conditioned:  Quote price

For all other individual customer pricing, please contact us!

Detailed Breakdowns

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Great Saves is located at 3N635 Kenwood Ave. West Chicago, IL, 60185

(630) 206-8366


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