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Great Saves Goalie Pad Bungee Cord Tie Down System. These tie downs are made with extra heavy duty bungee cords and a velcro system to replace old style tie down laces.

This tie down system is very easy to attach, and is quickly becoming the tie down of choice among goalies. 

  • Durable synthetic material and velcro, with heavy duty bungee cord.
  • Bungee cord length is 38” plus an additional 5" with the velcro lock system after the bungee cord (see photo.)
  • The bungee cord allows the flexibility to be used with most all skate sizes, both kids & adults. ( Cord can be cut to your desired length).
  • To attach, simply undue one of the knots in the cord and feed it through your tie down that is attached to your skate. (Note our tie down cord may be thicker and stronger then some other cords on the market. To make it fit through the hole in your your tie down, take a needle nose pliers and gently put it in the hole to wided it some until the cord fits through). Then criss cross the cord under the front opening in your skate blade and then again in the middle of your skate. Then secure the velcro attachment on the top of your skate across the laces. (photo attachment coming).
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Available in Black with White coming soon. Manufactured in the USA by Great Saves.

Goalie Pad Bungee Cord Tie Downs

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